The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; PHYTOMER makes exceptional products out of them.

Biotechnology unlocks the power of natural ingredients; PHYTOMER stands out with its advanced Research Laboratory.

The skin is beautiful in the hands of professionals; PHYTOMER offers remarkable manual treatments in its spas.



PHYTOMER stands out in particular with a new generation of natural,high-performance and eco-friendly marine ingredients:

Marine ExoPolySaccharides (EPS),unique and inimitable natural sugars with revolutionary cosmetic applications.

Price range:

Youth Revealing Pioneer Treatment

Reveal your inner youth.

EUR 115.00

Extended Youth

Wrinkles Correction Firming Beauty Treatment for Mature

EUR 75.00

White Lumination- Radiance Brightening Treatment

An immediate bust of radiance for a complexion glowing with beauty.

EUR 75.00

Seawater Pearls

Moisturizing Beauty Treatment for Dehydrated and dry skin.

EUR 70.00

Douceur Marine

Soothing Beauty Treatment for sensitive and blotchy skin.

EUR 65.00

Marine Breeze

Oxygenating Purifying Beauty Treatment for Combination, oily, asphyxiated and problem skin.

EUR 70.00

Acnipur Blemish Solution Treatment

A targeted beauty treatment, against skin blemishes.

EUR 65.00

Radiant eye contour

Eye Contour Treatment for Puffiness,

EUR 42.00

Teenage Care

Perfect treatment for teenagers!

EUR 52.00

Skin escape for Men

Choose either 1 of 4 Different Specific Men’s Facial Treatments for Facial men skin.

EUR 68.00

Radiant Eye - Eye Contour Treatment

Radiant Eyes

EUR 42.00

Eye Brow Shape

Detail means shaping

EUR 8.00

Eye Lash Tint

Choose  your correct color from our variety Eye Lash Tints

EUR 13.00

Eye Brow Tint

Lush Eye Brow Tinting

EUR 10.00

Eye Lash Extensions

Extent your Eye lashes for a glamorous look

EUR 80.00

Eye Lash Reapplication

Ravishing Eye Lashes

EUR 50.00

Satin Shimmer

Body exfoliation with salt crystals

EUR 42.00

Hydrotherapy Oligomer Silhoutte

Oligomer Silhoutte

EUR 35.00

Hydrotherapy Oligomer Pure Invigorating

Invigorating Hydrotherapy

EUR 35.00

Contouring massage and body wrap

Contouring and anti- cellulite action.

EUR 64.00

Detox Marine Body Wrap

A Better toxin elimination, decongestant tissues.

EUR 64.00

Body Firming - Body Wrap

A contouring program against sagging skin, loss of tonicity
and ideal after childbirth or weight loss.

EUR 89.00

Oligomer Silhoutte - Refining Remodeling Marine Treatment

Overall contouring to refine figure.

EUR 89.00

Oligomer pure Invigorating energizing remineralizing balneo treatment

For tired, stressed persons and prone to loss form.

EUR 64.00

Purifying Back Treatment

A purifying back treatment which helps target problem skin,

EUR 52.00

Leg Revival

Gives Intense Freshness

EUR 45.00

Sea Holistic Relaxation Face & Body Massage

Relaxing Body Massage, Face and Body Beauty treatment for

EUR 90.00

Tresors Des Mers – Lymph Drainage Full Body Massage

A full Body Lymph Drainage massage,

EUR 62.00

Essential Sculpting Care

Contouring beauty treatment for ABS – BUTTOCKS – THIGHS.

EUR 89.00

One Day Spa Package "Stress Recovery Programme"

Relax & Unwind 

EUR 149.00

One Day Spa Package - Revitalised Programme

Exfoliate with Sea Salt crystals

EUR 148.00

One Day Spa Package - "Aphrodite Secret"


EUR 154.00

One Day Spa Package - "Peace of Mind "

Satin Shimmer - Exfoliation with Salt Crystals

EUR 119.00

One Week Spa Package " Stress Recovery Programme"

Variation of detox - sea salt - exfoliation treatments.

EUR 359.00

One Week Spa Package "Slimming Programme"

Discover a new "You" ! 

EUR 537.00

One Week Spa Package "Aphrodite Secret"

A Full package that leads to the highest ultimatetreatments all together! 

EUR 398.00

One Week Spa Package "Anti-Ageing Programme"

Full week face & body treatments ! 

EUR 551.00