Live a Conscious Life Retreat


Reconnect your mind, body, heart and soul

for personal and spiritual growth



A Five-Day Retreat in Cyprus

with Carolyn Moody at the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort!

5 – 9 March 2018

“The Retreat in Cyprus was wonderful. For three days afterwards I had the deepest feeling of peace that I have ever experienced.

I sat in the morning sun and thought about everything, and about nothing. Being together with all the beautiful souls who participated, was a very powerful experience.” David

To live a conscious life is to wake up as if from a deep sleep. Everything that seemed normal now seems crazy.

When you live a conscious life, you gain clarity about who you really are and what you want - you become authentic.

Living a conscious life isn’t always an easy path to follow, it takes courage and commitment - and sometimes it can feel very lonely.

Be assured, you are not alone!

Join me, Carolyn Moody, and other kindred spirits who seek to live a conscious life filled with love, light, laughter, fun and soul connection. The Retreat takes place in the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort for an enlightening, enjoyable and blissful experience.

"I really loved this retreat. I was going through a difficult period and when I saw Carolyn’s email, it seemed like a sign. During the Retreat there was time for talking, for listening, for quiet, for meditation, for dancing and singing, for eating and drinking, and for fun, surrounded by lovely people. I returned home feeling 'renewed'.” Carol


Contact Carolyn to discuss the Retreat, or to reserve your place


T: 0032 (0)10 400 558

M: 0032 (0)478 565 282

Carolyn is a Live a Conscious Life Coach and Nutritionist whose passion is the health and wellbeing of the mind, body, heart and soul. She is author of two books: Nurturing Superwoman and Live a Conscious Life.