Olympic Swimming Pool

  • Olympic Swimming Pool

The Coral Beach Hotel & Resort features one large outdoor fresh water Olympic Size Swimming Pool.  The Olympic pool is situated adjacent to the hotel. Through the years many National teams as well as club level teams, have chosen our facility for their warm weather training camps

Please be reminded that the Olympic Swimming Pool is only open to Swimming Teams and Associations.

1. Technical Characteristics

The Coral Beach Hotel & Resort features one large outdoor fresh water Olympic Size Swimming Pool according to the rules as defined by the La Federatio Internationale de Natation (FINA) . The Olympic Pool is 50 meters in length (between touch panels), 25 meters wide and it has a constant depth of 2 meters. The 25 meters width allows for 10 lanes to be 2.5 meters wide. If required the Olympic Pool can be separated in 8 lanes 2.5 meters wide with 2 spaces 2.5 meters wide outside of lanes 1 and 8 allowing for Championships and Olympic Games (there is a lane rope extending to the full length separating these spaces from lanes 1 and 8 respectively). The type of the pool is overflow classic, and it has footrest in all four sides.

2. Automatic Officiating Equipment
The automatic officiating equipment installed to the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Olympic Pool, records the elapsed time of every swimmer, determines the relative place in a race and it does not interfere with the swimmers’ starts, turns or the function of the overflow system. The starting platforms feature a false start control equipment.

The pool with the electronic temperature regulator can maintain a water temperature of 25° - 28° Centigrade, which can be kept in a constant level during competitions and training. The light intensity over the whole pool is not less than 1500 lux and intensity of light over starting platforms and turning ends is not less than 600 lux.

The Olympic Pool features also a White Dolphin Technology® Camera and Towing Buggy. The buggy travels in a straight line (constant distance from the pool edge) and is guided by a rail built into the pool deck. The buggy has a fixing bracket which allows the attachment of the camera arm for underwater side view of the swimmer. The camera allows for night view in color with IR-LEDs.

3. Pool Usage for other Official Sports Tourism
Water Polo

The Olympic pool can easily be transformed in a field of water polo. FINA’s guidelines are as follows: The distance between the respective goal lines shall be 30.0 meters. The width of the field of play shall be 20.0 meters. The depth of the water shall be nowhere less than 1.8 meters, preferably 2.0 meters. The water temperature shall not be less than 26° plus 1° minus 1° Centigrade. The light intensity shall not be less than 600 lux.

Synchronized Swimming
The Olympic pool can be used for synchronized swimming since it measures up to FINA’s terms and conditions. However, the pool cannot be used for Championships or Official Games because it lacks the sound equipment and presentation standards.

4. Other Pool Usage
Weddings & Receptions & Shows
Swimming School
Swimming Competitions

5. Sports Equipment
20 pieces of Starting Blocks (Stainless Steel) surfaced with Omega® electronic plates
20 pieces of Backstroke Turns (Stainless Steel) covered with Omega® touch panels
10 Anti-wave lanes
4 Stainless Steel Ladders
2 metal Goal Posts for Water Polo
1 set of W.P Sports Terrain
26 Stainless Steel Hooks
1 set of Stainless Steel Posts & Turning point flags
4 sets of Stainless Steel lane envelopment rollers
1 set of electronic isothermal cover
2 Training chronometers

6. Auxiliary Structures
Separate changing rooms for male and female with showers and W.C. Control Room for all electronic equipment. Store room. 2 External showers.

Big Names that have trained with us over the years:

  • Great Britain:  Rebecca Addlington – Keri-Anne Payne – Joanne Jackson – Graeme Smith – Michael Jamieson – Steve Parry – David Davies – Cassandra Patten
  • Netherlands: Pieter van den Hoogenband – Ranomi Komowidjojo – Marleen Veldhuis – Mitja Zastrow – Marcel Wouda – Inge Dekker – Manon van Rooijen – Chantal Groot – Femke Heemskerk – Hinkelien Schreuder
  • Netherlands (Paralympics): Michael Schoenmaker – Mirjam de Koning-Peper – Marlou van der Kulk – Lisa den Braber – Magda Toeters – Maurice Deelan
  • Norway:  Alexander Dale Oen (late) – Sara Nordenstam
  • Norway (Paralympics): Sara Louise Rung
  • Denmark: Lotter Friis
  • Australia: Michael Kim
  • Lithuania: Ruta Meilutyte
  • Cyprus (Paralympics): Carolina Pelendritou