Before travelling to Cyprus you must ensure you have secured all the documentations needed for your marriage application, which include: Affidavits from a Solicitor, Birth Certificates, and Divorce Certificate, if applicable.

These original documents must be submitted to the local Municipality prior to the wedding day.  Your Wedding Coordinator will arrange an appointment and accompany you to the Town Hall to make your marriage application.

the cost for the Marriage License Fee and the Marriage Officer performing the Wedding Ceremony at the hotel is currently €600.00 for 2015 and 2016.  This fee is payable directly to the Town Hall, with the required documents before the wedding day.

Full details on legal paperwork requirements for civil wedding day and religious weddings will be sent to all couples marrying at the hotel.

It is essential to seek advice re legal paperwork from the Hotel Wedding Coordinator, Tour Operator or Wedding Planner who arrange your wedding.